“…a Raiders of the Lost Ark ride with more science than The Da Vinci Code had in its library of factual companion books and more fun than the Harrison Ford roller coaster of a movie.”

Read the entire review from LA Yoga Magazine. Click here to download the PDF file.

“A compelling explanation for a major, but studiously neglected mystery: Why Ancient Egypt was at its height very near its beginning then slowly degenerated. This quietly incendiary book confronts the Paradigm Police across a spectrum of disciplines: ancient history, modern astronomy and the accepted account of human civilization. Powerful stuff!”

— John Anthony West, author, Serpent in the Sky.

“Lost Star of Myth and Time is a wonderful, stimulating, thought-provoking new – or very old – approach to the greatest enigmas of human history. If Walter Cruttenden is right, as I very much suspect he is, then he has found the key to the mystery of the ages.”

— Graham Hancock, author, Fingerprints of the Gods.

“There is a modern revolution underway in how we understand the cosmos – and it is based on ancient starlore and mythology. In this pioneering book, a completely new thesis has been parsed out from ancient texts and modern astrophysical data: our sun may be part of a binary star system.”

— John Major Jenkins, author, Maya Cosmogenesis 2012 and Galactic Alignment

“People have pieces of the puzzle, but no one has put it all together with ‘credible consistency’ like this book. The message in the book is very timely. Understanding the binary system and thus the rise and fall of civilizations puts every other question about history to rest.”

— Brad Walton, WCCO Radio, St. Paul, Minnesota

“After reading Lost Star, the first word that popped into my head was ‘tantalizing’. From page one to the end, Lost Star offers up tantalizing explanations for some of mankind’s greatest mysteries… As great as science and history are, the real beating heart of Lost Star is not about heavenly or historical anomalies, but what the implications of those anomalies are on the human consciousness.”

— Andrew Ramey, reader

“Walter Cruttenden has done a vast amount of research on the subjects of ancient and modern astronomy, scientific findings of extinct cultures, and the many surviving myths and legends of the past. From these studies the author developed unique insights. His perspective of the earth, time, and its place in space … is a very fascinating reading experience…Noting the abundant scientific evidence for the cyclical nature of many biological, physiological, and chemical life processes … the author noted that ancient people had recognized patterns and cycles of the stars and its causes…

He has a wonderful grasp of the science of astronomy. He lucidly explains and describes difficult concepts and ideas on this subject. Each suspense filled chapter is an adventurous read which unfolds fascinating ancient scientific knowledge of astronomical observations comparing it to the modern scientific view… I give 10 stars to this book as recommendation for anyone interested in ancient cultures, myths, and astronomy.”

— Erika Borsos ( top 500 reviewer)

“The apparent ease with which Cruttenden presents all this information and more belies an advanced mastery of authorship…Like so many other books in this area, Walter Cruttenden’s contribution fills me with hope, hope that one day very soon we will have Heaven on Earth…Great value, Star of Myth and Time is readily accessible and I encourage anyone with the remotest interest in future studies, cosmology, esoterism, or consciousness, to engage themselves in this compelling read.”

— Daniel John Hancock

“Lost Star is an Intellectually Challenging and Thought Provoking book. Walter Cruttenden opens the Mind of the reader to a myriad of possibilities. This is a highly entertaining and thoroughly readable book. Ancient Knowledge , Present Science and Future Insight are woven together as a Cosmic Blueprint for Future Generations.”

— Pieter Uys, Johannesburg ( top 50 Reviewer)

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